PBN: Providence office building on Weybosset under conversion to apartments

259 Weybosset Street, image from Google Street View

A four-story downtown office building near Johnson & Wales University is being converted to apartments and retail space.

The project at 259 Weybosset St. will include large apartments of four to five bedrooms per unit, and appears to be marketed to college students. An online ad indicates the apartments will be available in September, at rental rates of $1,100 per bedroom, or $5,500 per unit.

I like that the contractors working on this project have been able to keep the sidewalk open by providing a passageway through the scaffolding.

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2 Responses to PBN: Providence office building on Weybosset under conversion to apartments

  1. KCB May 19, 2017 at 3:49 pm #

    Interesting they didn’t break this up into smaller units, which is the trend downtown (and where the demand is).

    I love seeing office conversions into apartments, we need this to continue. If we take the historic building office space off the market (and convert it to residences) it will drive up rents for the remaining vacant office space and drive demand for new commercial builds. I love the momentum.

    Now that High Rock settled with Bank of America, let’s hope that a Superman apartment conversion is a 2017 announcement. That is truly the biggest game changer that Providence could experience… 250~ apartments in the heart of downtown would change the city forever.

  2. William Snodgrass February 3, 2018 at 6:57 pm #

    Any reason no work what so ever has been done on the street level? The building looks like a slum from the sidewalk (don’t even get going about the horrid Axelrod Music Building). If any public money went into this building or ever goes into any other rehabs we must make sure the sidewalk level is also improved.

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