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Sim City writ large on the Providence Waterfront


Screenshot from YouTube.

Today’s Providence Business News reports on the divergent visions of the Providence Mayoral Candidates for the Providence Waterfront.

As with many issues, Elorza wants to continue the Taveras position on Allens Avenue, which is to reserve the land there, through zoning restrictions, for industrial use only. Supported by the City Council under President Michael Solomon and existing Allens Avenue landowners, that position was a change from Cianci’s late 1990s plans and those of his successor, David N. Cicilline.

Elorza does want to increase exports from the working waterfront, through market studies and trade missions, activities normally handled by state economic-development officials.

Not to be overlooked, the people who currently own the land along the Allens Avenue waterfront support this direction.

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State RFP for the redevelopment of the “Shooters” site


The State of Rhode Island is soliciting final proposals for the redevelopment of the Shooters site on India Street in Providence.

Proposals are due on October 4th with a walk-through scheduled for September 5th.

This RFP seeks bids from private vendors, marina operators, recreational professionals, concessionaires, restaurant operators, ferry service providers, water based recreational vendors, non-profit organizations, agricultural product marketing professionals, farmers, commercial property developers, and other interested parties to lease the 25 India Street property for commercial, recreational, and marina related uses. Proposals must be beneficial to the State, City and private vendor through providing lease revenues and providing new recreational opportunities on site.

Potential responders: This RFP is not intended to limit responses from ANY interested party. Interested parties can include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recreational Service providers (bicycle rentals, paddleboard/canoe/kayak/sail/motorboat rentals, marina operators, ferry service operators, bay excursion providers).
  2. Full Service Restaurant/Catering operators.
  3. Office and commercial property developers.
  4. Food V endors and concessionaires.
  5. Recreationally-related concessions.
  6. Exercise/Physical Fitness providers.
  7. Arts/Cultural organizations/non-profit museum operators.
  8. Farmers/Farmers Market/Produce/Poultry/Fish Providers.
  9. Local Governmental or non-governmental organizations.
  10. Other interested parties.

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Demolition of Shooters to begin tomorrow

The former Shooters nightclub on the Providence waterfront.

The former Shooters nightclub on the Providence waterfront.

Providence Business News reports that the former Shooters Nightclub on the Providence waterfront next to the Community Boating Center, will be demolished starting tomorrow.

The parcel was purchased by RIDOT to use as a staging area for the Route 195 relocation project and was recently purchased from RIDOT by the state Department of Environmental Management. The purchase by one state agency from another state agency was approved by voters as part of a 2010 ballot measure. DEM paid RIDOT $3.2 million for the property.

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You paid for it, what should be built at Shooters?

The former Shooters nightclub on the Providence waterfront.

As reported by PBN, the R.I. Department of Environmental Management will soon issue an RFI seeking input from interested developers on revenue generating schemes for the site of the now shuttered Shooters nightclub. The DEM will host public meetings based on the informtion received throught the RFI, then hopes to settle on development scheme and begin construction in 2013.

You may remember that last year voters approved a ballot measure to secure $3.2 million in bonds for the DEM to purchase the land from RIDOT. So, since we own it, what do we think should be done with it.