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Transportation for America: Newly approved transportation bill is a clear step backwards Unfortunately, this final bill moves closer to the House’s disastrous HR7, which was too contentious and unpopular to garner enough votes to pass. This final negotiated bill has been called a “compromise,” but it’s really a substantial capitulation in the face of threats by the House to include …

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Sidewalk rage may be good for a civil society, how not to develop the area around a transit station, automobile poverty, and more in today’s News & Notes.

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Should high-speed rail focus on the northeast? [2nd Ave. Sagas] During [New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s] testimony last week, the mayor criticized the government’s current investment plan. With projects in Florida, California and the Midwest garnering headlines, the Northeast Corridor has taken a backseat in Washington with only one percent of federal HSR funds coming our way. “That simply …

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Public access to S.F. bay tied to private projects [SFGate] “The public-private seam is a delicate one,” APA chief executive officer Paul Farmer mused before the award ceremony here last Wednesday. “There are tricky things involved – how do you negotiate access with a developer? How do you make public access feel truly public? When it’s done well, that’s something …

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avoiding car-centered language: a directive [Human Transit] Yes, crash sounds emotive while accident sounds cool, so it’s easy to assume that accident is more objective or factual. But sometimes the facts are emotive, and only an emotive word will accurately describe them. The directive even notices that avoiding the emotive word can constitute an emotional bias in the other direction: …

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RIPTA restoring 100 daily runs with re-opening of Warwick Mall [Warwick Beacon] I had no idea 100 trips ran to Warwick Mall, probably because that is the total of 3 different bus lines. There must be someway for RIPTA to make it more apparent that so many buses go to the mall. Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Touts “Death Knell” for LNG …

New favorite Obama quote

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In a question and answer session today in Ft. Myers, Florida, President Obama stated the following in response to a question about transportation and infrastructure in the stimulus package: It’s imagining new transportation systems. I’d like to see high speed rail where it can be constructed. I would like for us to invest in mass transit because potentially that’s energy …