Commuter Rail service to T.F. Green starts…

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No train service Monday, it was all in our imagination, and in a .pdf schedule released by the T. See all the details on the drama here.

It is not the perfect schedule by far, but it is a start. Trains will begin running to the new station at T.F. Green on Monday.

Weekday only service is scheduled as follows:

T.F. Green to Providence and South Station
T.F. Green Providence South Station
6:13am 6:33am 7:45am
6:52am 7:12am 8:16am
7:15am 7:35am 8:51am
6:27pm 6:42pm N/A
7:36pm 7:51pm N/A
7:51pm 8:06pm N/A

South Station and Providence to T.F. Green
South Station Providence T.F. Green
N/A 5:41am 6:01am
N/A 6:00am 6:25am
5:00pm 6:06pm 6:17pm
5:40pm 6:42pm 6:53pm
6:10pm 7:11pm 7:26pm

As expected, these hours are largely beneficial for a commuter from the Warwick/South County area to Boston. There are also reverse commuting options from Providence to the airport. I believe those are partially intended to allow airport workers to reverse commute down to the airport and may serve some utility for passengers grabbing shuttle flights in the early morning.

But I suspect looking at this schedule most will complain about the cost of the station for such a meager offering of service. All that can be said is this is preliminary service; service will expand when the Wickford Junction Station opens late next year.

Download the full Providence Line schedule as effective Nov. 22nd at MBTA [.pdf].

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4 Responses to Commuter Rail service to T.F. Green starts…

  1. Jef Nickerson November 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm #

    December 6

  2. mental757 November 24, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    It is indeed just a start and it will take some time for it to expand/improve, but it will.


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