1837 tactile map of Rhode Island for the blind

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This is a tactile map for the blind created by Samuel Gridley Howe in 1837. The lettering is not in braille because the map predates the widespread adoption of braille. One of five remaining copies of the atlas has been digitized (which I guess makes it non-tactile now) by the David Rumsey Map Collection. Via: io9

News & Notes

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Obama’s jobs plan, Congress proposes deep cuts to transportation, narrow streets can be more efficient, and more in today’s News & Notes.

Rhode Island Bikeways Map

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Speaking of bike paths… This post may not actually work, first time I’ve tried to host a .kmz file to embed a map on the site, so if nothing shows up on this map, well then, nevermind. A reader forwarded me a .kmz file he created of the Rhode Island bike network (map key over there on the right). You …

Sometimes, you get a map

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Way back in February I wrote about the need for a map at the bottom of the bus tunnel to tell you where all those buses zooming through it are going to. I even doodled up a little map as a suggestion for what such a map should look like. When RIPTA contacted me the other day to let me …

Where’d everyone go?

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This interactive map from Forbes shows inward and outward migration patterns for United States counties in 2008. So if you’re wondering where everyone went, now you know.

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2 year closure of Union Avenue Bridge over Route 10 prompts free RIPTA service for pedestrians impacted by closure [ProJo]. With Route 18 only running 17 times on weekdays and not at all on Sundays and Holidays, I’m glad I don’t live on the farside of Union Avenue. Four Projects to Watch (And Seven Others to Remember) [NewportNow] Not About …

Sometimes, you need a map

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Map by Jef Nickerson Update 02/25: RIPTA has seen this post and read the comments. They are working on a map/better info system for the bottom of the bus tunnel. The other night I was standing at the bottom of the bus tunnel waiting for a bus to take me up to Wayland Square. Problem is, though I live here, …

Better RIPTA maps

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I was looking up a RIPTA route online today and I found the above map on the page for the Route 31 schedule. As you can see, this is an actual geographically accurate map, you can see where the stops are in the real world. Not the annoying line maps they had before: Thank Jeebus! I all the time had …