Video: Inaugural Bay to Blackstone bike ride

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Dozens of cyclists joined an inaugural ride of the new on-street bike path and roving press conference. Lots of distinguished guests including Senator Jack Reed spoke at the roving press conference.

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  1. Perhaps we better get used to the on-road route, RIDOT has indicated that due the expected cuts in the Federal transportation program and the need for expensive bridge and hIghway repair work, there will probably be no remaining bike path and Pedestrian program in the next 2013-2016 Transportation Improvement Program, (TIP) so the $30 million or so needed to complete the Blackstone Bikeway may not be available. One basic problem: anti-tax zealots have succeeded in keeping the Federal gas tax at 18.4 cents/gallon, not raised since 1993 .

  2. I don’t think we have too too much longer to wait for peak oil to turn all our roads and bridges into de facto bike paths.

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