Mayor Elorza vetos City Council Resolution regarding bike lanes

Mayor Elorza speaking at ribbon-cutting of Fountain Street bike lane in November 2016

Last week the Providence City Council passed a Resolution calling for, “full traffic impact and economic impact studies prior to deciding whether to construct new bicycle lanes.”

Bicycle and transportation advocates, along with the Mayor and at least 5 members of the Council hold that these studies would out unnecessary expense in the way of expanding bicycle infrastructure within the city. The Mayor vetoed the Resolution.

From the Mayor:

I vetoed the Providence City Council’s resolution regarding bike lane planning because it sends the wrong message about bicycle and pedestrian safety here in Providence. We support Complete Streets here in our city, meaning that our infrastructure is designed and operated for safe access for all users, of all abilities. We will continue to engage the community in these decisions and we remain committed to working with the Councilmembers to address any concerns they have heard from constituents.

As the RI Bicycle Coalition points out on thier Facebook page, the Mayor’s veto can be overturned by the City Council:

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2 Responses to Mayor Elorza vetos City Council Resolution regarding bike lanes

  1. Tom ONeillq September 15, 2017 at 3:50 pm #

    I support complete streets.

  2. barry September 18, 2017 at 3:37 pm #

    Sad that in thos day and age the PVD City Council would pass an anti-bike resolution, as Cranston did not long ago in relation to Roger Williams Park, as some time ago happened in Jamestown, North Kingstown, Smithfield, Johnston.
    I believe the old guard drive-everywhere culture is hostile to bicycling in part because they know that bicycling is a superior life style, healthier and less polluting. It also has the potential to reduce the outflow of RI dollars to out of state energy providers, but much local leadership is not interested. At least Elorza is an exception, a friend of biking!

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