55 Days

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So the first substantial snowfall of the year was December 19th, fifty-five days ago. Pretty much ever since then there has been snow and ice on this sidewalk on Atwells outside the Atwells Mini Mart and the (now, and for a long time, closed) Terino Arcade. 55 days! Remember Christmas? That was 50 days ago. President Obama’s Inauguration? 23 days …

Can you tell what is missing from this photo?

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Shoveled sidewalk? Close. No sidewalk at all? Bingo! This is outside the Old Public Safety Building Memorial Parking LotTM in LaSalle Square. You have a Jersey Barrier with cars parked right up against the inside of the barrier, and cars driving right up against the outside of the barrier, and pedestrians… well pedestrians are just sh!t out of luck. The …

Sidewalk rant: Reader submitted edition

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Mid-90s vintage Providence photo by Jef Nickerson Bob Vennerbeck wrote to us to share his vintage 1993 sidewalk rant. Actually it’s more of a short story. Bob sent this to the Journal back on February 22, 1993; unfortunately the Journal never ran the piece, but we are. Providence at it’s Best and Worst, or “Buddy, can you spare a shovel?” …

Sidewalk rant: Day 3, too little too late edition

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This morning city workers were throwing a sand and salt mix on top of the 10 inches of ice on the Atwells Avenue overpass sidewalks. Seriously? Many sidewalks Downcity were dry this morning, the Hilton and the Dunk among them. The Westin gets a demerit for having ice on the sidewalks outside the Residences. The city has cleared the snow …

Washington Bridge bike/pedestrian path to re-open soon?

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Photo by Jef Nickerson Buried in a ProJo article about the new Iway ramp opening is this little nugget. In the coming weeks, the narrow catwalk on the [Washington] bridge, which connected India Point Park to the East Bay Bike Path, will reopen. This was a favorite route of runners, cyclists and pedestrians heading between East Providence and the East …

Los Scramb-geles

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Back in August I posted about pedestrian scrambles. A pedestrian scramble is an intersection where all the lights turn red and pedestrians are allowed to cross in all directions, including diagonally. Now, StreetFilms shows us pedestrian scrambles going back into action in L.A.