Dangerous by Design

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Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know. In recent years a little noticed shift has been transforming suburbia: the home of the middle class has become the home of the working poor. As a result, roadways that were built for the car are now used by a growing population that can’t afford to drive. The consequences can be …

Atwells and Dean

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If these buttons are the only way to make the walk lights come on (I mean, if the walk lights don’t come on automatically), I’m going to push all of these buttons everytime I walk through the intersection whether I need the lights to come on or not. And Maude damn are these traffic lights ugly! On a positive note, …

Walk Light!

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Walk lights are getting installed at Dean and Atwells, Yay! It is a little bit sad that I’m so excited about this, I mean, shouldn’t this just be fact? Not some great triumph of urbanism. Oh well. Now, if we could just get the Dean Street viaduct rebuilt so one could safely walk over it. Baby steps.

Sidewalk work

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Photo by Jef Nickerson Sidewalk work has been taking place the last few weeks up and down Atwells Avenue. Replacing loose/missing bricks and laying stamped concrete at parking lot ramps. The city got stimulus money for sidewalk repairs, are repairs taking place in your neighborhood?

Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan

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The Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan A new commitment to reshape Pawtucket. The City of Pawtucket, in partnership with the Pawtucket Foundation, have begun a new project to reshape downtown Pawtucket. The Pawtucket Downtown Design Plan (PDDP) is a design study to help improve traffic patterns, parking, public space, and zoning to enhance the quality of downtown for residents, businesses and …

The T in DOT?

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Ready for a rant? Work has resumed in earnest on the reconstruction of Dean Street. This is a good thing, Dean is in dire need of a rebuild. But you know I can’t just be happy it is being rebuit, I have to find something to rant about. So this has been the condition of the intersection of Dean and …

Can I get there from here?

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The ProJo recently covered the story of retailers feeling cut off by the reconfiguration of Route 195. On the old alignment of Route 195, Exit 2 went to Wickenden Street and the big green sign on the overpass said as much. Now, the eastbound exit which one would use to reach Wickenden is simply signed for India Point and Gano …

Building a Better Block in Dallas

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What Made a “Better Block”? Oh, Just the Fact You Could Walk, Shop, Drink and Hang Out and Not Get Run Over. – Dallas Observer Protected bike lane, road diet, parklet, pop-up retail, and it only took a day to put together.

Debra Booth: The other end of Wickenden Street

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We’ve spent a lot of pixels here talking about the intersection between Route 195 and Wickenden Street on the west side of Fox Point. Debra Booth forwarded us a letter they sent to city and state officials addressing concerns about the other end of Wickenden, where the Gano Street ramps are: To: Mayor David Cicilline, Councilman Seth Yurdin, Representative David …


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Photo (cc) sfbike San Francisco StreetsBlog reports on the city’s Pavement to Parks initiative. On Divisadero, the city has taken two parking spaces from the street and created space for bike racks, planters, and cafe tables. “This is all about taking the narrative of the 25 percent of our land mass that [is] streets, and begin to take a little …

Patching Patches

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Photo by Jef Nickerson So this is silly, but it doesn’t really bother me all that much and I’ll tell you why. This is my street, taken from out my window. You can see years and years of various patches and a current patch that doesn’t actually fill a new hole. Further up the street there is a deep lake. …

Elmwood Ave Repaving Meeting (04/07)

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Update: Meeting has been postponed due to an electrical problem at the library. Via Bike Providence When: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 6:00-7:30pm Where: Knight Memorial Library Auditorium (downstairs), 275 Elmwood Avenue As many of you know, Community Works Rhode Island, our elected officials and other community partners have been working with RIDOT to make sure that the changes coming to …

San Francisco left turn bike lane

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“The Wiggle” is one of San Francisco’s most beloved and cherished bike routes and guides riders the easiest way between two nasty hills. [T]he SF DOT striped a unique combo to aid cyclist’s safety and sanity. A green bike box on Scott Street – believed to be California’s first – allows riders to safely wait and queue up for a …