Politico: Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax


President Barack Obama is about to unveil an ambitious plan for a “21st century clean transportation system.” And he hopes to fund it with a tax on oil.

Obama aides told POLITICO that when he releases his final budget request next week, the president will propose more than $300 billion worth of investments over the next decade in mass transit, high-speed rail, self-driving cars, and other transportation approaches designed to reduce carbon emissions and congestion. To pay for it all, Obama will call for a $10 “fee” on every barrel of oil, a surcharge that would be paid by oil companies but would presumably be passed along to consumers.

There is no real chance that the Republican-controlled Congress will embrace Obama’s grand vision of climate-friendly mobility in an election year—especially after passing a long-stalled bipartisan highway bill just last year—and his aides acknowledge it’s mostly an effort to jump-start a conversation about the future of transportation.

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  1. James February 4, 2016 at 4:23 pm #

    Perhaps if we can get Bernie on the ticket, we can get the kind of youth turnout necessary to change that Congressional situation.

    And he’s got the right views on pahhhhhking. Oh yeah. . .

    Ben Jealous just endorsed him too! Let’s get out the vote!

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