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WPRI: Major life-sciences complex proposed for 195 land


Life-sciences complex proposed for Parcels 22 and 25. Image from Google Maps.

Two private developers – Wexford Science & Technology LLC and CV Properties LLC – submitted a proposal last week to the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission seeking approval for a million-square-foot-plus multi-use project on parcel 22 and parcel 25 of the vacant former highway land, confirmed Wednesday.

“It is a major life sciences complex that includes lab space, academic research space, a hotel with meeting space and residential and retail components,” Eric Cote, a spokesman for CV Properties, told

“It is a very large proposed complex,” he said. “The size that it may ultimately be will depend on our discussions with the 195 Commission, so it could change, but it’s currently envisioned as a project in excess of 1 million square feet.

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Downcity Design Review Committee Meeting – June 11, 2012

Notice of Regular Meeting
Monday, June 11, 2012 – 4:45pm
Department of Planning and Development
1st Floor Meeting Room, 444 Westminster Street, Providence

Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes of April 9, 2012 and May 14, 2012

New Business

1. DRC Application No. 12.9: Intersection of Pine and Richmond Street and 35 Richmond Street (Rogers Company Building) Continued review of the proposal by Johnson and Wales University to demolish the existing building located at 35 Richmond Street and to construct a new 750 car open parking structure on the site. Preliminary demolition approval and conceptual approval of the new construction was granted at the 5/14/12 DRC meeting. 


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Johnson & Wales Richmond Street garage proposal

Johnson & Wales presented their proposal for a parking garage on the corner of Richmond and Pine Streets at last night’s Downcity Design Review Committee meeting, and we have the renderings to look over. Let’s get to it.

Johnson & Wales Garage

Click image to enlarge.

As it turns out, it is actually quite nice, as garages go, it is even quite nice as far as buildings go.

Another building demo

Let’s get the main sticking point out of the way first, 37 Richmond Street (the Mirabar Building) will be torn down under this proposal. My understanding is J&W has an offer on the table to buy it provided they get permission to move forward with this project. The process for demo is they would need to receive approval and a building permit for the proposed garage before they can receive a demo permit. The process is complicated by the fact that they want to give the Mirabar owners time to secure a new space and move before they proceed with demo (good news for Mirabar’s patrons).

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Brown begins work on Ship Street Square

Ship Street Square

As part of their Jewelry District development plan, Brown University is turning a portion of a surface parking lot at the corner of Richmond and Ship Streets into a public plaza, Ship Street Square.

The Brown Daily Herald wrote about it in April:

The new Medical Education Building at 222 Richmond St. will be completed in July. A month later, the University plans to wrap up its conversion of a nearby parking lot to a public plaza, featuring terraced wood flooring and red maple trees. Built with expectations of outdoor concerts, dance and yoga classes, movie screenings and farmers’ markets, it will be a “livable urban space,” said Edward Wing, dean of medicine and biological sciences. Food vendors and lunch trucks will gravitate to the space, he added.

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Now them’s what I call street trees


Now when someone is required to plant street trees, this is what I want to see. Those are all brand new trees on the left outside the soon to open Brown Medical School in the Jewelry District. Not only are there numerous large new trees here, the parking lane has been removed to widen the sidewalk!

I’m pretty sure these trees will end up being a What Cheer at the end of the year.