PBN: Study: Garrahy parking garage would cost $43M


The garage would include approximately 1,250 parking spaces at a cost of $31,250 per parking space, the report stated, in addition to the cost of building out roughly 13,800 square feet of retail storefronts on the ground level of the garage along Clifford and Richmond Streets.

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  1. Does this mean some of those other surface lots around that area can also be developed?

  2. I went to the Statehouse meeting on this in the Finance Committee, and there were some people who were very skeptical on the committee. I’d say a majority. There were also a few people who were putting out feelers to see what “jobs” it can supposedly build. So I’d say we should have hope that if we keep pushing and educating, we can defeat this proposal (at least the state-funded aspect of it).

    Keep pushing!