What’s the government up to? Press Releases

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Surprisingly, there’s more going on in the city this week than my lamenting the unshoveledness of our sidewalks. A couple interesting Press Releases popped up today. First, from the Mayor’s Office: Senator Whitehouse, Mayor Taveras plan walking tour of Providence Business Districts PROVIDENCE – U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Mayor Angel Taveras will spend Monday morning visiting businesses in …

Planning Department all a-Twitter

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For those of you not down with Twitter, I thought I’d share some of the tweets coming out of the Planning Department this morning: ProvPlanning Stay tuned: Mayor is expected to announce the winning design for the Providence River Pedestrian Bridge on Tuesday morning. (!!!) ProvPlanning We will also be revealing the names of all 11 design teams from the …

News & Notes

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Tootling [The New Yorker] “At twenty [mph], you’d actually save time,” King said. “Going forty miles per hour doesn’t change your position in the next queue, at the next traffic lights.” “You’re right,” DeCarlo said, and he nodded. “I’m a firm believer that, whether you do twenty or fifty-five, you’re going to get to the same place at the same …

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Peter Brassard: The Core Connector system should connect more than just Downtown

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This post was submitted Greater City: Providence reader Peter Brassard. If you’ve written something you’d like us to consider posting, please contact us and let us know. Providence’s Core Connector transit system should be based on its ability to interconnect the city’s Occupation Districts and cultural venues, not just to Downtown and parts of the East Side and South Providence. …

What’s going on with the Dynamo House?

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More than any other, that is the question I get most asked about. Anything happening with the Dynamo House? I tell people I know it is firmly planted on the Planning Department’s agenda, the Mayor seems to be concerned about it, but the economy blows. Well, Providence Business News had a little more info yesterday. Harbor East Development Group LLC …

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East Providence, Village on the Waterfront

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Rendering from Village on the Waterfront LLC ProJo reports that the East Providence Mayor and City Council are WICKED excited about the prospect of a $167 million condo, marina, commercial development on that city’s waterfront. “Are you kidding me,” said an excited Mayor Joseph S. Larisa Jr. “This is the single greatest private economic development project in the history of …

News & Notes

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avoiding car-centered language: a directive [Human Transit] Yes, crash sounds emotive while accident sounds cool, so it’s easy to assume that accident is more objective or factual. But sometimes the facts are emotive, and only an emotive word will accurately describe them. The directive even notices that avoiding the emotive word can constitute an emotional bias in the other direction: …

Where the Ocean State Aquarium Should Be

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Ted Nesi over at WPRI just posted some analysis on Republican gubernatorial candidate Victor Moffitt’s proposed aquarium. An aquarium in Rhode Island rivaling the Georgia Aquarium, in Atlanta, in size has been a cornerstone of the Moffitt campaign. Moffitt has even gone so far as to set up a non-profit for the project, and has some rudimentary renderings of a …

News & Notes

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Investment in Transportation Changes is Tough Hill to Climb [Coalition for Transportation Choices] Charlotte does light rail right [Grist] Can infrastructure-led growth save the economy? [Salon] Mixed-Use Downtown Development Puts Standard Malls’ Tax Yield to Shame [Citiwire] A Fast-Paced City Tries to Be a Gentler Place to Grow Old [New York Times]

The New New Parkade

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The Parkade. Photo by Jef Nickerson I hate it when bloggers say this, and I do it all the time, but seriously, I really did hear about this the other day. Whatever though, PBN is first to the interwebs with it. But PBN is behind a paywall, so here’s the scoop. Cornish Associates has purchased the Parkade Garage on Washington …

Cranston City Council Resolution passed in regards to the proposed CVS in Edgewood

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Cranston City Council Resolution passed in regards to the proposed CVS in Edgewood: THE CITY OF CRANSTON RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL ENCOURAGING RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT TO PROTECT AND PRESERVE THE HISTORIC WATERFRONT NATURE OF THE EDGEWOOD/PAWTUXET VILLAGE AREA John E. Lanni, Jr., Council President Resolved, That Whereas, The City of Cranston was recently ranked the best community to live in …

CVS in Edgewood, Update

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CVS has responded to concerns about their proposed store in the Edgewood section of Cranston offering a “colonial” design alternative, which does not address many of the issues concerning the community, or taking 24-hours off the table. The above renderings (courtesy of the STOP CVS in the Historic Edgewood Neighborhood, Cranston RI Facebook page) represent the design consessions CVS is …

Quonset Gateway hotel

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Rendering from Quonset Development Corporation Governor Carcieri, RIEDC Director Keith Stokes, the Quonset Development Corporation and hotel developers from New Boston Fund, Waterford Development and ProCon broke ground last Thursday for a new Towne Place Suites by Marriott hotel. The 103-guestroom hotel will sit on 4.6 acres across from The Shops at Quonset Point, and is designed for the extended-stay …

CVS in Edgewood

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Neighbors in the Edgewood section of Cranston are opposing plans for a 24-hour, drive thru CVS in their neighborhood. Image from Respect4Edgewood The proposed CVS would replace the existing Rite Aid on the corner of Norwood Avenue and Broad Street, Rocky’s Hardware would also be displaced from their current location. Directly across from the proposed CVS sits a suburban style …