More Bicycles in the News

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View Providence Bike Rack Locations in a larger map The Parking Crisis Eric over at posted that 91 new bicycle parking hitches are to be installed this spring. 64 are funded by grant from The Providence Foundation (shown in aqua on the googlemap). 27 are funded by RIDOT (shown in pink). The dark blue placemarks on the map indicate …

REBOOT: Blackstone Boulevard?

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View Larger Map In response to Matt’s post about Livable Streets and the street redesign contest a reader submitted this idea: What is now the southbound side of Blackstone Blvd becomes 2-way. 1 northbound lane, 1 southbound lane and a parking lane on the southbound side. Plenty of crosswalks. Might need a northbound left turn lane at Rochambeau. The …

Livable Streets

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Barcelona Bike Taxis | Photo by Matthew Coolidge Streets are the passageways that connect us to all our destinations, but they shouldn’t be just for cars, especially in the city. They also provide a path on which to walk or bike whether it be in a lane, on a sidewalk, or on a crosswalk. In essence they should be for …

Bike-Sharing in Texas

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Bike Share Rack in Barcelona by Matthew Coolidge When I heard on the radio that Austin, Texas was introducing a bike-share program I got all excited and immediately thought of Barcelona, where people actively use a great bike-share program. Listening a little more carefully, however, the story is that the city is introducing the program for city employees. At first, …

State Laws and Biking

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Photo by thatsparklychick from flickr The Providence Bicycle Coalition (PBC) has been hard at work trying to update the state laws when it comes to bicycle safety. According to their blog, For the most part, the changes to existing laws are minor edits to bring them more in line with the rest of Title 31 and to update them to …

ProJo collecting “killer pothole” photos

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North Main Street at Steeple Street. Photo by Jef Nickerson Sheila reports this morning on the ProJo’s effort to collect pothole photos. Potholes are sneaky and dangerous; the worst offer the motorist a choice that isn’t a choice: Crash down into it or swerve into traffic in an adjacent lane. If we know where they are, we can avoid them; …

Pedal Powered Snow Plow

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Could this be the answer to Providence’s snow clearing woes? Probably not, but it sure is cool, and I want one. Check out the rest of the story over at MAKE

Bike Providence has a “Close Call”

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Mark over at tells a story that anyone who’s done their share of walking around the city can relate to… I had zero time to catch a license plate, heck, I have to admit it wasn’t until later that I even thought about the fact that I should have tried. I was just rejoicing in the fact that I …

Bike Advocacy Meeting

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If you had a difficult time navigating the icy streets this morning, imagine trying to do it with a bicycle. Well the Providence Bicycle Coalition wants to make biking in Providence as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Want to see what they’re all about, or better yet, get involved? They’re meeting next week. From the website: Our next monthly advocacy …

The Answer to RIPTA’s Crisis?

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image (cc) Ric e Ette This morning I read on MAKE Magazine about the Busycle: Called the Busycle, this bicycle behemoth moves under the power of 28 human legs, plus a driver. And while it can only go about 4 miles per hour, the infectious camaraderie of its passenger power-train just might make it exhilarating. This looks like a fun …

Washington Bridge bike/pedestrian path to re-open soon?

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Photo by Jef Nickerson Buried in a ProJo article about the new Iway ramp opening is this little nugget. In the coming weeks, the narrow catwalk on the [Washington] bridge, which connected India Point Park to the East Bay Bike Path, will reopen. This was a favorite route of runners, cyclists and pedestrians heading between East Providence and the East …

New RISD Bike Sharing Program

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The Brown Daily Herald, which is actually an excellent source for Providence metro news, reports on a new bike sharing program for RISD students which they may aim to expand if it’s successful. We need more of these all around the city…

REBOOT: Dean Street Interchange and Viaduct

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Click image to enlarge [box style=”red”]REBOOT is an occasional series of posts on GC:PVD where we identify areas of the city that display poor urbanism and propose ways to improve them. Our interventions may be simple and quite easily realized, or they may at times be grand and possibly take years or decades to complete. Either way, we hope they …

Bike Providence Advocacy Meeting Tonight

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The Providence Bicycle Coalition (PBC) is having a meeting tonight and welcomes anyone interested in attending to join the discussion. From the PBC website: Our next monthly advocacy meeting will be held on November 6th @ 6pm. We will be at the offices of the Red Five Sports Group (269 South Main Street). On the agenda for this meeting: Continuing …

Festival at the Bridge to India Point Park

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The new pedestrian bridge to India Point Park is now open, and to celebrate, there will be a festival tomorrow, Saturday, at 1pm. There will be bands, sailboat rides courtesy of Community Boating, and many activities for the whole family!

Biking Beyond Recreation

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Photo credit: Alex Jarrett from the Pedal People website On the heels of the success of Bike To Work Day, the formation of the Providence Bicycle Coalition, and the recent news about Providence’s initiative to add bike lanes and signage to the city, this is a perfect time to dream a little bigger. Last week I went to visit some …

Coming to a thoroughfare near you; bike lanes

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Photo by Jef Nickerson for In a press release about National Bike to Work Day (May 16th) we learn from Bike Providence that the city is planning to stripe bike lanes on several streets in the city. The City of Providence Department of Planning and Development has completed plans for the striping and signing of bicycle routes along many …