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Providence Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission Meeting – November 15, 2017

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Agenda Roll Call Approval of October 2017 Meeting Minutes (For Action) “Dean Street/Pleasant Valley Parkway/Oakland Street Corridor Discussion” – Federal Hill, Smith Hill, Valley, Elmhurst – Wards 12 and 13 (For Discussion) — The City seeks comments from the BPAC regarding possible bicycle and pedestrian improvements to the corridor between Atwells Avenue and Eaton Street known as Dean Street, Pleasant …

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Providence Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission Meeting – September 20, 2017

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Agenda Roll Call Introduction of New Commission Members (For Discussion) Approval of July 2017 Meeting Minutes (For Action) Election of Commission Chair and Vice Chair (For Action) Recommendations for improving Allens Avenue – Upper South Providence, Lower South Providence, Washington Park – Wards 10 and 11 (For Action) — The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, in coordination with the City …

The Providence Public un-Safety Complex

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I saw this from one of my Facebook friends and headed by to see for myself on the way home from work today. Snow plowed from the fire truck garage at the Public Safety Complex onto the sidewalks: Snow piled on the sidewalk at the cruiser parking lot entrance at the Public Safety Complex, sidewalk beyond untouched covered with snow: …

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Dean & Atwells, will we ever get crosswalks?

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On the way home this evening I was greeted by sidewalks finally being finished, almost 14 months after they were removed at Atwells Avenue and Dean Street. Yay, I guess. Would have been nice for them to be finished 3, 4, ten months ago, but whatever. Would have also been nice if there had been a space cleared for pedestrians …

Night Shift

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Just as I was getting annoyed again that work had stalled here again, a night crew is at work busily removing the brick pavers from Dean Street at Atwells. It’s a little loud, but I’m glad work’s happening.

Dean Street, finally, maybe

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The cynic in me has to wonder if the fact that this project started a year ago, has been stagnant all summer, and just got back into gear this week, has anything to do with when the Primary Elections happened. Literally, all summer we’ve had half done sidewalks, lights that are up but not working, and pothole nation at the …

GC: Photos – Hot town, summer in the city

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In this GC: Photos post I’m sharing my photos, because I’m a little megalomaniacal, don’t you know? By the next GC: Photos update I will be over my megalomaniacalness and be ready to post some reader submissions. If you’d like your photos featured here, join our Flickr Group and submit them.

Walk Light!

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Walk lights are getting installed at Dean and Atwells, Yay! It is a little bit sad that I’m so excited about this, I mean, shouldn’t this just be fact? Not some great triumph of urbanism. Oh well. Now, if we could just get the Dean Street viaduct rebuilt so one could safely walk over it. Baby steps.