RI Future: Spencer Grassie- Let’s reconnect Olneyville to the city’s urban fabric

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As a current Providence College Friar and a native Rhode Islander, I am passionate about our state and capital city. As a millennial, I want to ensure that future generations have the building blocks necessary to thrive and make a living right here in the Ocean State. That is why the ProJo Editorial board’s piece, “Smart decision on bridges” is short sighted. The idea of turning the decrepit 6/10 Connector into a surface boulevard is about much more than safety.

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  1. Are there any rendered photos of the boulevard to attach to these articles? I like to share updates on the 6/10 to facebook, but I’m getting the feeling the issue isn’t hooking most people’s attention. A good photo rendering, such as the one that accompanies the update of the Pedestrian bridge (“Projo: Pedestrian bridge moving forward”, 8/15/16), conveys a sense of of vision and progress that can excite and interest people. In the last hour since I’ve posted that article, its received three likes. In any case, thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to covering these issues.

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